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Enhance the visual appeal of your clothing and apparel products with our top-notch Professional Neck Joint Services and Ghost Mannequin Services. In the world of e-commerce, where presentation is key, our expert photo editing services ensure that your garments are showcased with unmatched precision and style. Neck joint or ghost mannequin services, also known as invisible mannequin services, allow 2D and 3D objects to be created. The ability to do so can be attributed to the use of modern technologies in the digital photography field. As such, jackets, swimsuits, pants, shirts, etc. can get a ghost mannequin service.

On the other hand, the quality you'll receive can be closely tied to the company that'll handle your work in the first place. Can they ensure neck joint, and wrist removal, amongst other editions as they work? While the question is running through your mind, you should know that Image Edit Expert has already made each of these possible.

Our Professional Neck Joint Services seamlessly blend multiple images to create a cohesive and natural look, ensuring that the neckline appears consistent and flawless. Whether you're dealing with clothing, accessories, or apparel, our skilled team pays meticulous attention to detail, providing a polished and professional finish to your product images.

Similarly, our Ghost Mannequin Services skillfully remove mannequins or models from your photos, allowing customers to focus solely on your products. This technique provides a clear and distraction-free view of the garment's fit and design, significantly improving the overall shopping experience.

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What is Neck Joint Service?

Neck joint can also be called image manipulation since it involves the use of tools or software to transform an image to achieve an impressive result. Many online retailers use neck joint Service.  Specifically, neck joint service is used to make mannequin or plastic doll invisible in items of clothing they are worn. The objects are used by advertisers who are looking to cut the cost of employing live models to wear clothes.

An online clothing seller, for instance, who desires to have perfect filling dress photos without the mannequin showing will do well to take advantage of this service Neck joint service. With the object removed, the eye can focus more on the cloth's design while at the same time giving people an idea of what it looks like if worn.

So what does neck joint service entails? First, the photographer will need to place the clothing such as dresses, shirts, caps, etc. on the plastic doll. After the pictures are captured, the external parts of the mannequin are cutout. Finally, the visible part of the dress, which may have also been cut as a result of trying to remove the doll also needs to be joined to form a decent, complete image. This is basically what Neck Joint Service really is. 

Generally, the processes that will be carried out in a collar neck joint service are: 

● Image cutting 

● Color correction

● Photo magnification

● Changing an image's color

● Cropping and resizing of photo

● Portrait enhancement and retouching

Products for Neck Joint Service

The products that can obtain a neck joint service are: 

● Cap 

● Shoes

● Jackets

● Jerseys

● Necktie

● T-shirts

● Trousers

● Polo shirt

● Prom dress

● Cargo pants

● Lady t-shirts

Categories of Ghost Mannequin Effect In Photoshop

After placing a ghost mannequin in an attire, at a later time, there will be a need to make the parts that are sticking out of the clothing invisible. To that effect, there are several categories of ghost mannequin effects, and some of these are:

● Neck joint 

● Bottom joint

● Sleeves joint

● 3D/360° packshot

1. Neck Joint on Ghost Mannequin: 

On successful removal of a mannequin from shirts, jacket, trousers, lingerie, etc. the neck area of the clothing is usually blank. The latter leaves an unimpressive look which can be resolved by joining the back of the neck to its front. Accordingly, the former full shape of the clothing is restored. 

2. Bottom Joint On Ghost Mannequin:

Long-tail garments such as Composer Tuxedo whose back is longer than the front also need a ghost mannequin photography service. Here, a photoshop effect can help to join the bottom part of the clothing that was initially separated. Once it has been replaced, it will match with the front of the suit since a complete picture has been formed. 

3. Sleeves Joint On Ghost Mannequin: 

As the name implies, this photo retouching service focuses on the sleeves of attires such as t-shirts, long sleeve shirts, jackets, etc. It can remove a mannequin from the sleeve's hollow part which creates a ghost effect in the end. 

4. 3D/360° Packs Hot Ghost Mannequin Effects: 

A 3D/360° image effect is suitable for use for products for e-commerce sites. It can also help in creating an animation video. In this case, shots captured from multiple angles need to be taken before the missing parts such as the sleeves, bottom, top, and neck are assembled. 

Why Neck Joint Service?

Ghost mannequin or Neck Joint services hold a lot of importance since they can help you to improve your e-commerce website's image quality. All that is required is to use one of the effects such as the neck editing service in Photoshop, which handles clothing, including dresses, blouses, pants, and shirts. The outcome will create a front view, internal view, rearview, and a partial view of a single image.

What Neck Joint Service  really does is to increase the image's quality and in the long run, can translate into more money made through the sales of these items. You'll also be more confident that the dresses look appealing with a ghost mannequin that has been disguised as much as possible. 

Who Needs Ghost Neck Joint Service?

Just about anyone who has taken advantage of a mannequin or plastic dolls to advertise their clothing line or products needs a ghost neck joint service. These users include magazine entrepreneurs, fashion dress sellers, dress photographers or eCommerce photographers, real estate sellers, eCommerce shop proprietors, garments Industry, and online store owners.

Why Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing is Important

It is essential for professionals or service providers offering the ghost mannequin services to be armed with specific skills. They are required to know how to work with the development of color and manipulate the differences in images. Also, they are to be conscious of all the image's details to ensure that an important aspect has not been left out.

At Image Edit Expert, we are conscious of these needs and how to pay our utmost attention to them. Contrast alteration, cloning, restoration, color correction, and intensity that needs to be improved. With this in place, we can take your photography needs to the next level. 

Why You Should Choose Image Edit Expert

Image Edit Expert provides neck joint services to almost anyone anywhere across the globe without any restrictions or limitations. While that is good, we take it one step further to ensure that every piece that will be sent to us, will turn out to be a masterpiece. Here are some reasons to trust us and choose us over a range of companies out there:

1. 24/7 Customer Support: 

Irrespective of when you need us, we'll always be there to answer your questions promptly. That's how efficient our customer support system is in a bid to ensure that you are not kept waiting. Whatever minor or pressing issues you may have, you can contact us, and we'll resolve it quickly. 

2. Discounted Prices: 

If you're willing to let us handle a bulk of your images, then it's only right for us to reduce the financial burden for you. Thus, we have set specific discounts in place for those willing to edit their images in bulk. If you haven't, you can still choose our cheap packages while being assured that the resultant images will still speak for themselves. 

3. Bulk Editing: 

Wondering if we can handle hundreds or even thousands of your images? We most certainly can. In 24 hours, we are able to work on hundreds of photos, and this has by no chance affected their quality. Every edited copy turned out to be appealing and remarkable, and that can be attributed to the considerable amount of time and great software we used to edit them 

4. Free Trial: 

If you're going to spend good cash to get quality, it's only fair, to begin with, a free trial to get an experiment of what we can offer. From your examination, you can ascertain if the service is worth paying money over which we promise you, most certainly needs. There are also flexible payment methods not just limited to one. 

5. High quality: 

It may be the last on the list, but its the most important which will show you if we're worth all of this and many more. That is t say; Image Edit Expert can offer you high-quality images carefully designed by our team of professionals who are always on their toes to use the latest software, tools, etc. 


By employing our neck joint service provider in USA, there's no need to fret about how it'll turn out to be. If you've chosen to settle for plastics instead of models in a bid to save cost, then it's not a bad decision, and it can even be made better. It starts with obtaining neck joint service that will help to cut out and join its parts together. The result will be as neat as possible and not even noticeable to the ordinary eyes because that's as good as it can get.

All of these advantages are what we offer at Image Edit Expert. These pros are made possible by working with several professionals to ensure that more than one expertise is sought to design your work. There's also the benefit of faster response and turn over time in a bid to allow speedier delivery and swifter communication. If that's what you expect, then you need to contact us for hiring the best neck joint service provider in USA, and we'll get started with your work in a bid to deliver it as at when due.

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  • What is neck joint service in Photoshop?
    Ghost mannequin or image neck joint service is the process of showcasing garments as if someone is wearing the clothes. Whereas, parts of the mannequin or doll have been removed from the clothing.
  • Is it a real picture or Photoshopped?
    A real pictured can be differentiated from a photoshopped image by inspecting the background and edges of objects in the background. Similarly, the photoshopped version may have lower quality
  • Which is the best software for photo editing?

    Adobe Photoshop is one of the best image editing software for photographers. Other software include Adobe Lightroom, Capture One, Skylum Luminar, ON1 Photo RAW, Pixlr Editor, and Corel PaintShop Pro

  • How do you make a ghost mannequin in Photoshop?

    Open images of the mannequin and foam board in Photoshop. Next, create new background layers for the mannequin. Select the product in the image and refine the mask. Also, repeat the process for the foam board image. 

  • I'm interested in neck joint service. How do I begin?

    You can employ the services of the best image editing service provider who is a professional in neck joint service. You can also master the art of photoshopping if you'll rather do it yourself. 

  • How do you use ghost mannequin?

    Select the model or doll and place them within the clothing. Next, set up the background, lighting, photography equipment, and camera position to ensure the high-quality picture is captured.

  • How do you Photoshop clothes?

    You require skills in Adobe Photoshop or the use of other image editing software to change the design in clothes. However, a professional who is skilled in this area can make your work easier. 

  • How do you make clothes see-through on Photoshop?

    Launch Photoshop and use the 'new layer' option. Select the 'paint bucket' tool and choose a color. Open clothing on Photoshop on a separate layer. Use the 'magic wand' to select the clothing portion. 'Enter' to confirm.' Select 'Opacity,' 'Enter,' and save image.

  • How do I make my logo background transparent?

    Open the logo in Photoshop. Add a transparent layer. Select the 'Magic Wand' tool. Select an area of the logo to make transparent. Select the 'Magic Wand' settings and choose a setting. Select 'Delete' on the keyboard. 

  • How do I remove the white background from a logo in Preview?

    From the preview app on your Mac, select the 'Show Markup Toolbar' button, choose the 'Selection Tools' menu. Select the 'Smart Lasso' tool. Trace the edge of the image and connect the end of the border to its beginning.